Getting Started

DAVE runs as a Software as a Service (SaaS). There are two ways to get the data from DAVE:

  • Web-based Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Application Programming Interface (API) via DAVE client

Getting DAVE Account

Accessing to the tool is free of charge. However, for both options, a DAVE account is required. On the other hand, DAVE is in the test phase. Therefore, a self-contained account registration is still not available. However, in case you are inetersted to use DAVE, please feel free to contact us to get an account.

Graphical User Interface

The DAVE GUI offers the easiest way to get data from DAVE. You can open it via your favorite browser and directly compose your individual data constellation. You can reach the GUI under the following link.

When opening the GUI, the first step is to authenticate with your DAVE account credentials. Afterwards, you will enter the GUI.

Depending on the size of area of ineterst an the selected dataset, the retrieval of datasets can take several minutes. After the process is finished, the results will show up on the map and the attribute tables. Finally you have the opportunity to download your result dataset.

DAVE Client

The DAVE client allows you to use DAVE from your favourite IDE. A PIP package for the client will be available soon.